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“I was the guy who thought he would never get hurt and I also thought everything would be taken care of if I was injured… You will be very surprised like I was when it comes time to deal with the insurance company and how they will treat you and your family. It made all the different in the world in being able to understand the complex laws under DBA.” Ray S

“You can “search the internet” and try to find limited, mostly false, information about your rights, benefits and overall process of DBA. Mr. Turley is clearly the leading expert in the DBA field…Know your DBA rights and benefits before you get injured.” David W.

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Welcome to the Defense Base Act Podcast!

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Win Your Defense Base Act Case Radio; Simplifying the Defense Base Act for Injured Overseas Contractors. Hosted by Bill Turley and Ed Barrena. Podcasting the brutal, frank truth about the Defense Base Act – No Matter What. It’s all about your health: First and foremost, nothing is more important than your health. Bill Turley has been representing civilian contractors for a long, long time. His law firm is the biggest DBA law firm on the west coast and one of the top three largest DBA law firms in the world that represents injured civilian contractors.

This podcast is meant to inform you about best practices when it comes to taking on a big insurance company in a DBA case.

The DBA insurance company lawyers and adjusters are trained to take advantage of you. Good, well-meaning folks fall for their tricks and traps every day. Know this: at every step the insurance company is looking for reasons and excuses to deny your claim. Don’t think for a minute that just because you have a legitimate injury and a legitimate case that they are going to treat you any different.

Welcome Aboard

My name is Bill Turley. I’m a Defense Base Act lawyer. My law firm is the largest DBA law firm on the West Coast that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors and one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world. If you’re an overseas civilian contractor – then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to DBAradio.com, home of the Defense Base Act Podcast. Also known as Win Your Defense Base Act Case Radio.

My goal is to help you Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  Welcome aboard.

What Every Seriously Injured Overseas Civilian Contractor Should Know About the Defense Base Act

I promise you this: This podcast (and my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case) is going to save you a ton of pain with your DBA case.  My book is the only book out on the Defense Base Act that has dozens of 5 Star reviews on amazon.com.

Believe it or not, I am known as being blunt and straight up. So pull up a seat. Check out my Defense Base Act Podcast.

And if you’re a seriously injured overseas contractor – make sure you order a free copy of my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

It’s Not Always a Walk in the Park

Don’t think that just because you got hurt overseas that you are going to keep receiving weekly compensation and medical benefits today or even into the future. What you are going to see is the DBA insurance companies view your case as a profit center. Meaning, they make big money denying legitimate claims – just like yours. Fact is, every dime they pay you cuts into their profits.

If not now, then there will be the day when the insurance company denies and/or stops your weekly compensation benefits. It happens all the time. No matter how “legitimate” your DBA claim happens to be.

It’s All About Telling the Truth

I preach like a mantra, “Tell the truth.”  “You can only win your Defense Base Act Case with the truth.”  I have been saying this for years and years and years. It is just as true today as it was the first time I said it.  It’s right as rain.

Why? Because when you bring a court case (and your DBA claim is a court case); nothing is more important than your credibility.  Nothing else is close. Not by a long shot.

If the Judge sees (or even suspects) you are lying, fibbing, exaggerating, and/or stretching the truth – you just lost your Defense Base Act case.  Happens all the time. You don’t want to be that guy or gal. I don’t want you to be that guy or gal with a legitimate DBA case only to have it go down in flames because of your credibility.

How Do You Feel When You’ve Been Lied To?

But think about it. How do you feel when you find out somebody has lied to you?  Not too good, I’m sure.

It’s the same with Judges. They’re people too. They don’t like being lied to. And if the Judge thinks you have lied to them, then the Judge is going to rule against you.

This is why it is so important to tell the truth. About everything. Especially all the “little” things.  Trouble is, people just like you unwittingly say something that isn’t true. They aren’t trying to lie. It’s just that they don’t know how precise the truth really is when the DBA insurance company starts grilling you over seemingly small and seemingly unimportant details.

Devil’s in the Details (and Wears a Dark Suit and Tie While They Question You).

They say the devil is in the details. You are going to see how true that is when the insurance company’s lawyers start cross-examining you. It can get really ugly, really fast.  Unless of course, you know how to avoid their tricks and traps.

There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

It sounds so simple. So simple that many folks figure, “I’ve got this. I’m telling the truth. I’ll be good.”  Really? You might as well have just fallen off the turnip truck.

“There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century. Whether P.T. Barnum said it or not, it’s how the DBA insurance company rolls.

They’re just hoping that you think that you’ve got it all covered because you are “telling the truth.”  Because if you think, “I’ve got this, because I’m telling the truth,” you just got rolled. You’re the sucker. Only you probably won’t know it until it’s way, way too late.

The truth is, you are probably going to fall for one of their patented tricks or traps they use every day to beat honest folks just like you.

The truth is, just because you are “telling the truth” doesn’t mean you’ve got it all covered.

The truth is far from it.

My goal with the Defense Base Act Podcast and Win Your Defense Base Act Case book is to keep you from being the sucker that falls for the DBA insurance company’s tricks and traps.  I’m trying to keep you from getting rolled up like a burrito.

I’m Not Politically Correct

So buckle up. I’m not politically correct. That’s not what you get from me. It isn’t about magic pixie dust and other crap. It’s all about eye-opening, gut-check, tell it like is, pull no punches with me.  It’s all about you having the knowledge about what you should do and shouldn’t do when you are trying to win your case.

Inside Baseball (Why the DBA Insurance Company Executives Don’t Want You to Read My Book) …. I’m the Last Guy the Insurance Company Wants You to Hear From

What I tell you, you’re not going to hear anywhere else. It’s inside baseball. All the do’s and don’ts that you need to hear.

I’m the last guy that the DBA insurance company wants you to hear from. Because I help folks keep from tanking their DBA case.

I cost the insurance companies a ton of money every year.  It’s my understanding that we are one of the top two largest law firms in the world that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors.  In other words we have market share, so to speak. Some of the insurance company suits have told me in confidence that they talk about my book in round tables with the insurance company big-wigs.

They hate it when you get my book.  And that, my friend, warms my heart.

Shined Shoes Save Lives

In a speech that General Schwarzkopf gave after he left the military, he explained how he trained his soldiers. He said that he trained his troops to pay strict attention to everything they did, regardless of how menial or insignificant the task.  General Schwarzkopf had a saying that he drilled into their heads: “Shined shoes save lives.”

Apparently General Schwarzkopf believes that if soldiers are inattentive to small details, they will be careless about important tasks.  Carelessness can lead to their death or the death of fellow soldiers.

Schwarzkopf understands that it is all the “little things” and the discipline and precision with which they are performed that makes the difference in battle.  Thus, the expression, “Shined shoes save lives.”

Shined Shoes and Falling for DBA Insurance Companies’ Traps

I thought of General Schwarzkopf recently while I was talking to a potential client that called my office.  Unfortunately, the poor guy had made some of the “small detail mistakes” that I tell folks how to avoid in my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

Only, they weren’t “little things” at all. Each of them were potential case killers.  The guy was being careless. Only, he didn’t know it at the time. He just didn’t know.

He hadn’t been subject to the training that General Schwarzkopf made sure his troops received. He hadn’t been through the “training” that I give folks in my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

He hadn’t been through the “training” that my book covers, that helps folks avoid the case ending mistakes that the DBA insurance company is going to try and trick you into making.

Just like training in the military will help save your life in combat, my book can and will help you save your DBA case.

Despite the fact that this guy has a “legitimate” DBA case – his case is now at risk because he didn’t know that he needed to shine his shoes, so to speak.

This is One Part of My Job That Isn’t Always Easy

I am all about being straight-up with folks. I don’t like to sugar-coat stuff. When I go to a professional, the last thing I want them to do is give me BS fairytales and blow smoke up my skirt. So I give advice out the same way that I want to hear it. No sugar added.  No lawyer talk, no double talk. Just good old-fashioned, unsweetened truth.

I hated to have to tell the guy, but I had to. I had to let him know that his case is in serious jeopardy.  I don’t like this part of the job.  When I have to deliver bad news to people, I give it to them straight – but I try to be as nice as I can about it.  Being straight up, doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk.

When I was talking to him on the phone, I could hear his wife silently crying in the background. When I was done going over it with him, I heard her saying that she had told him to call us months ago.

I really felt bad for the dude. He has a serious injury and can’t go back to making the kind of money that he and his wife and young family are used to making.  I feel bad for the guy (and his family) because he just didn’t know better.  He’s not a bad guy. Actually, he is really nice. But it sucks.

I have a soft spot for folks that are basically honest people that get sucked up and spit out by the system. So I agreed to take his case, warts and all.  My assistant looked at me sideways when I told her I had agreed to take his case anyway.  She’s actually a softy on the inside also. She’ll see why I like him after she gets a chance to know him.

In this job, we have to be tough with the insurance company’s wolf lawyers.  But we got into this to help people.  People that have sacrificed for our country.  I sort of see it as my duty to help you guys and gals.

We Are Going to Try and “Fix” His Case

I explained to them that there are no guarantees in life or law, but we are going to try our best to get the best result possible out of his case. Even though he screwed up, I agreed to try and help him because he’s a nice guy and I think he made an honest mistake.

Now the DBA insurance company is going to have a field day saying he’s a dirty, lying SOB. But I really think it was an honest screw-up. He just fell for the DBA insurance company traps.  Just like hundreds of well-meaning folks before him have.

This is why I wrote the book – Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  It has dozens of 5 Star reviews on amazon.com.  Just go to amazon.com and type “Defense Base Act” into the search bar. You will see reviews written by folks just like you.  In the book you will learn how to shine your DBA shoes. And why shined shoes save DBA cases.

Hold On For the Ride

In the meantime, hold on for the ride.  Come on back and check out our Defense Base Act Podcast each week.  What you can be sure of is that I’m going to give it to you straight. Always.

Bill Turley